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Pregnancy conditioning icon

Using a swiss ball to tone and strengthen your body. Exercises suitable for all trimesters by our pre and postnatal qualified teachers.

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Pregnancy yoga icon

A session of stretch and relaxation specifically designed for pregnancy. Workout in a safe environment, lead by our pre and postnatal qualified Yoga instructor.

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Pure stretch icon

Compliment high impact classes with gentle flowing stretches to enhance your range of motion and flexibility.

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Relax and recharge icon

Move through some easy postures with an objective of stretching and cultivating breathing awareness.

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Remember to move icon

Gentle seated exercise and dance moves.

Salsa icon

Dance yourself happy! Combine learning new footwork and routines, alongside a dance workout.

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Seated yoga

Relaxing and health enhancing movements co-ordinated to help focus mind and body. Beginner and intermediate classes available.

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Sequence dancing icon

A sociable session for ballroom dancers to enjoy familiar tunes and rhythms. 

Shred and tone icon

A full body workout, a form of body conditioning and resistance training targeting all muscle groups and is suitable for both beginners and intermediate levels.

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Sivananda yoga icon

Encourage proper breathing, flexibility, strength and vitality in the body while calming the mind.

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Soft play icon

Ball ponds, mouse holes, rollers, slides, rope bridges, air machines and much more.

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SOSA icon

Low impact high energy dance class, learning routines to popular tunes.

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Squash icon

The fast paced and competitive racket sport.

Street dance icon

A great introduction to dance. Using current choreography to the latest tunes including funk, pop and rnb keeps this class fresh and exciting, whilst building strength and stamina.

Strength and stability icon

Seated, supported or freestanding exercise to improve balance, strength and confidence, suitable for all.

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Stretch and relax icon

Classes include maintenance and development exercises to aid recovery, improve flexibility and prevent injury. A calming class for the end of your activity sessions.

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Strong by Zumba icon

STRONG by Zumba is effectively a high intensity workout that has put a unique spin on challenging HIIT exercises by syncing the moves to music. A total body blitz!

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Sunrise yoga icon

Strengthen the mind, renew the spirit, and leave feeling relaxed, calm, and focused for the day ahead of you.

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Swim fitness icon

A dual-effect class giving you the benefits of increasing your fitness whilst burning calories, toning and defining lean muscles.



Swimming icon

Swim at one of our 6 pools for fitness, fun or relaxation.

Swimming lessons icon

We're helping everyone to stay safe and have fun in the water.

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Table tennis icon

A sport for all – anyone can play! An enjoyable social sport, particularly good for developing alertness and co-ordination.

Tap dancing icon

Beginners and improvers classes. Try it before you rush out and buy your shoes. A fun and sociable class for all potential ‘Fred and Gingers’.

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Target 30 icon

TARGET30 (T30), Mytime Active's brand new 30 minute gym floor group exercise programme, incorporating functional equipment, such as kettlebells, dumbbells and core bags.

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