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We offer adult swimming development sessions for all ages and abilities. 

If you’ve never swum before and want to be water confident or if you want to swim the Channel, we have a development session for you.

Our adult swimming development sessions are structured into the 4 Swim England accredited levels below, to help you progress in the best way:

Be Water Confident

This lesson takes place in shallow water.

  • Introduction to the pool
  • Helping to build your confidence in the water
  • Learning basic aquatic skills
  • Take place in shallow water
  • Build confidence

Be a Swimmer

This lesson mainly takes place in shallow water.

  • Introduction to deeper water
  • Get you swimming a short distance
  • Develop your confidence both in and around the water

Be a Better Swimmer

This is a lengths based class.

  • Improve your stamina and stroke technique
  • Gain confidence swimming in deeper water
  • Support you to swim distances of up to 50 metres
  • Swim on your front and back with good technique

Be a Master Swimmer

This is a swimming training session.

  • Additional training options including:
    • Competition training
    • Preparation for open water swimming
    • Increase the distance you are able to swim
    • Increase swimming speed

Other Benefits

  • Refine your stroke technique
  • Help build your endurance
  • Improve fitness
  • Strengthening your joints with low impact activity
  • Help you avoid and recover from injuries
  • Awards for achieving distances up to 1,500m

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