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Our beginner’s guide to golf.

Getting started

You don’t need a special outfit to play at our sixteen golf courses. Comfortable clothes are fine. You can hire clubs and golf shoes (to help protect the course) from the pro shop.

If you’re just starting out, consider a course of lessons, for instance our Get Active in Golf programme, with a PGA Professional. PGA Professionals have completed extensive training, are accredited by the Professional Golfers’ Association, and will help you with every aspect of your game.

Five of our courses have a driving range, where you can practise your swing.


A golf course consists of nine or eighteen holes. On each hole, you’ll hit the ball from the tee box, along the fairway and onto the green, where you’ll putt it into the hole. The shape and length of the fairway, water hazards, patches of rough ground and sand-filled bunkers, make every hole a different challenge.

The handicap system lets players at different skill levels enjoy the game together.


Your score for each hole is the number of strokes you take to get the ball in the hole – the lower the better. Par for each hole, and for the course, is the number of strokes a player with a handicap of 0 should take to complete it.

Some scores have special names: complete a hole in one stroke under par and you’ve got a birdie, while one over par is a bogey.

A hole in one, where you hit the ball from the tee straight into the hole, is a brilliant achievement, but beware – you may be expected to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the clubhouse!