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Contact details

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Mytime Active offers a range of free healthy lives services across Tower Hamlets.

The free healthy lifestyle services we offer include the following:

  • MEND 2-5
  • MEND 5-7
  • MEND 7-13
  • MEND Teens

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Our sessions provide nutritional advice and guidelines, alongside fun exercise games and activities. All sessions are tailored to participant needs and capabilities and are delivered in local community venues such as children's centres and schools.

We work with all children aged 2–7 years, delivering healthy lives programmes in local venues to raise awareness of health behaviours, improve self confidence and enhance physical and social development.

We run a specialist service for young people aged 7–18 who are above a healthy weight to support weight management and empower young people and their families to live a healthier life.

A specialist postnatal service is run for mums with a baby 0–2 years and a BMI above 25 to support new mums establish healthy habits for life.

We offer One to Ones with a qualified dietitian for children aged 2–18 years and their families if a group programme is not suitable.

Free workforce training is available for all front line children’s staff. Topics covered include raising the issue of weight, cooking on a budget and active playtimes.

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