Meet Ellie Lock | Mytime Active

Everyone I work with is so fun, friendly, kind and happy

Ellie is a Physical Activity Leader working at Victoria.

How long have you worked for Mytime Active?
Two years and four months.
Describe your day?
My days vary drastically depending on whether it's a coordination day or a delivery day. A delivery day for me could start with a MEND Mums session, which involves teaching post natal mums about safe exercise for them and easy nutrition tips to help mums and their families. These are by far my favourite programmes and often involve a cuddle from one of the babies. I would then move into school, teaching a MEND in Schools session for the afternoon with Year 1s and Year 4s. These are always very entertaining and lots of fun for both the children and the teachers involved!
What’s the best thing about working for Mytime Active?
My colleagues! Everyone I work with is so fun, friendly, kind and happy. We are always helping each other out and having fun delivering programmes. I think the more fun we have delivering, the more fun the participants have.
What makes you proud to work for Mytime Active?
Helping people that need it and seeing how we impact their lives!

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