Meet Jared Grey | Mytime Active

Every day is very different

Jared is a Physical Activity Specialist working in Victoria.

How long have you worked for Mytime Active?
Two years and nine months.
Describe your day?
Every day is very different! A typical day for me would include starting in the office and completing different tasks such as preparing for sessions, answering queries about our programmes or organising workshops/programmes in secondary schools or youth clubs/projects. I then usually deliver the physical activity side of our programmes. For instance, on our MEND Mums programme I will lead the exercise section, such as circuits, resistance bands or exercises with babies. I will then finish the day by completing any admin from the programme and call people who couldn’t make it.
What’s the best thing about working for Mytime Active?
Being able to help people improve their health and wellbeing and helping communities find ways to engage in physical activity which suits their needs.
What makes you proud to work for Mytime Active?
That we get to help such a range of people with lots of needs around their health and having the chance to work on innovative and interesting projects as we look to increase our brand awareness.

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