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How to focus on your putting

28 May 2019

Recently we’ve been using the expertise of our golfing professionals to give you some hints and tips on how to improve certain aspects of your game. We’ve taken you through perfect swing tips, then tips on how to focus on your long game, taking you through to some thoughts on cracking your short game. On our journey from tee to green, we’ll next pick up some advice on how to focus on your putting.

On the face of it putting seems relatively simple, but there are a number of things to consider in order to improve your accuracy. You should consider your stance, alignment, swing and distance to name just a few, not to mention that all greens are different and have their own challenges. So here are a few basics to get you started.

Getting aligned

The top tip here is to start your alignment with your putter and work the rest of your stance from there. Aim the face of your putter towards your target. Your feet should be aligned parallel to the target, as should your knees and shoulders.


Keep your feet roughly the width of your hips apart. The ball should be slightly ahead of the centre of your stance. You may need to grip lower down the club to hold it at the right length, so that your arms hang naturally. You’ll also want to start with the club grip ahead of the ball position, as this helps to stop any loft of the ball.

The stroke

A putting stroke predominantly requires movement to come from the shoulders. Keep your wrists firm and by moving from the shoulders your arms and hands should move together. Keeping the putter face square, you should aim to swing it in a straight line backward and forward. Remember your backswing and follow through should be the same length and this is what you use to determine the distance.

Practice makes perfect

The practice green is your best friend. Try placing 12 balls around a hole as if they were the hours on a clock. Start at a short distance, say 2 feet and take all 12 putts. Keep a track of your score and try again to see if you can beat it. As you comfortably start to make high numbers, move the distance back and keep increasing until you are making long putts for fun.

Remember, our Mytime Active golf professionals can give you some personal tips that support with developing your putt.

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