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How to keep your form this winter | Golf top tips

06 December 2018

Although the winter can make it tricky to fit a round of golf into your week, there's no need to sacrifice your form and feel like you're starting from scratch when the weather starts to pick up.

Tristan Hodgkinson, our Head Golf Instructor at Bromley Golf Centre, gives his top tips for keeping your form this winter and making the most of the driving range.

Challenge yourself

Don't just turn up at the range, drive 100 balls and head home. Take the 10 ball test! For every 10 balls you hit, see how many you can keep within a 30 yard width (the average width of a fairway). Change your club and keep trying to beat your score.

The 10 ball test will work with any shot type, so set yourself a target, choose a club and measure your accuracy. Tracking your score in sets of 10 will make it easier to measure the results.

Play imaginary holes

When you step into the bay at the driving range, imagine that you’re teeing up at the first hole at your club. Think about your last few rounds there. What clubs you would use from the tee? Your second shot? What about the shots and positions on the course that you find challenging? Give yourself a target on the range and go for it! A full 18 imaginary holes might be a bit much, so pick a few you're keen to conquer.

The driving range is your form friend

Often floodlit and heated, driving ranges are perfect for maintaining your form during the cold, wet and windy months. If you’re stuck for ideas on how to make the most of your time there, book in for a lesson. Our instructors will teach you the routines you need to keep your eye in, and even improve your game.