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How to overcome gymtimidation

30 August 2019

If you’re not a natural athlete and you feel like you don’t fit in at the gym, then you may relate to this term.

Many people have good intentions but find it hard to find the confidence and motivation to do regular physical activity.

A survey by Cosmopolitan Body highlighted the common gym anxieties: a feeling of not being fit enough; concerns about not knowing what to do and being too shy to ask and overall low body confidence. Other factors, such as unfamiliar equipment and changing rooms, may also play a role in putting you off your next visit.

If you suffer from 'gymtimidation' but you want to become fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle, how do you overcome your low confidence?


Lee White, personal trainer and product manager at Mytime Active, has shared a few useful tips to help you become active and stay positive:

Reflect on your barriers

Think about your reasons for not going to the gym – is it the gym itself or could you enjoy a different fitness activity? There are hundreds of fun activities at Mytime Active to choose from; including swimming, Zumba, Body Balance, TARGET30, golf lessons and practising your swing at the driving range. If you’re not sure what you try, speak to one of our fitness experts who can help tailor an achievable programme for you.

Everyone feels nervous at first

At some point, pretty much every person will have felt nervous when entering a new gym. This is human nature. Each time you go, everything will start to become more familiar and less intimidating. Bring along a friend and make it into a social occasion, or, if you’re over 60, join Primetime and pair up with one of our supportive buddies to help you overcome those initial barriers. A study published in scientific journal Nature Communications shows that motivation levels increase when people exercise with a friend.

Nobody is judging you

The reality is that most people at the gym are just there to work out, focusing on their workout and not yours. It’s time to celebrate that we all come in all different shapes and sizes! Here are some things you can do at the gym to make yourself feel more comfortable:

  • Invest in good gym wear: make yourself feel amazing with a quality pair of shoes, and a fun, colourful top
  • Get to know the team at the gym: feeling like you are in a familiar, friendly environment can help put you at ease. Make conversations with fellow gym goers, personal trainers and instructors
  • Focus on you: plug in your earphones and zone out to some motivating music or catch up on the latest episode of your favourite show on our Life Fitness equipment

At Mytime Active, we place great importance on creating friendly, welcoming atmospheres in all our gyms. Our activities have been designed with our local communities in mind. So, if you’re a gym phobe, we promise that we will have an activity you will enjoy! Just check out your local Mytime Active centre and our membership options.