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My strides were not overnight, but I am achieving them and now exceeding them.

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Introducting Our #thisismytime Winner!

14 March 2019

At Mytime Active we know there are many reasons people exercise. To celebrate these, we ran a competition asking our members to share their reasons for exercising for the chance to win a year’s free membership.

Martin, a member of the Walnuts Leisure Centre in Orpington was the lucky winner. For Martin, training at the Walnuts was his time to do something for a good cause, training for the Thames 100km for charity. Read more about Martin’s challenge and motivation.

Tell us more about your challenge …

My challenge is to complete the Ultra Challenge 100km (approx. 63 miles) Thames Path.  My aim is to walk it in one go with hundreds of other walkers, joggers and runners. My chosen charities are a local Church for a project of their choosing and SurvivorsUK who support men who have been raped, physically and mentally abused in their lives and are trying to heal themselves.

The walk will probably take me approx 30 hours and I am hoping to raise £2,000.  It will push me mentally and physically to make sure I complete it for them and me. So, at 62 years old without a sporty background, I knew I needed to get fit, flexible and stronger to complete it which is why I joined Mytime Active.

What keeps you motivated?

At first the challenge kept me motivated and still does, but Kevin Brown, my personal trainer at The Walnuts, has now taken the top slot for why I am motivated, proving to be a very important part of my training. He tailors my workout to my specific goal and makes the sessions enjoyable and his infectious smile when you hit goals he sets makes you want to achieve even more.

My desire to improve with every session I attend with Kevin makes me motivated to do more during the week. I’ve seen a real increase in my strength and flexibility over my time training with him and have found myself completing stretching exercises outside of the gym too.

How often do you train? And what do you do?

I try to train three times a week, with one of those being with Kevin.  I train for about an hour each session using one of the three different full body programmes Kevin has given me to keep my sessions varied and enjoyable. Each session is a mixture of strength core, balance and flexibility.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to start exercise?

I, initially, looked at my lifestyle and people older that were fitter than me. I wanted to be like that to live longer to enjoy my future grandchildren.  So my advice would be to have a goal, however small, to achieve and focus on that. Do not worry about others around you in the gym we are all there for a reason however young or old we are or whatever our weight/size of our bodies.  You will see results, not overnight so be realistic as you achieve them.  As you do your goals will start to change and you will want to achieve more.  If you can afford it then pay for a personal trainer and choose one you gel with because they will get you achieving what you want to do. (Children excel at school with teachers they like, so the same is with personal trainers).

My strides were not overnight, but I am achieving them and now exceeding them.

Good luck Martin with your journey in achieving your goal.