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Golfers have a higher level of trust

It’s official: golf is good for you

10 April 2018

Mytime Active, in partnership with England Golf and ukactive, is proud to publish the results of their survey on golf and wellbeing.

The ukactive Research Institute conducted research and analysis into golfing participation to provide insight to England Golf to help them improve services and tailor their delivery.

Between July 2016 and August 2017, golfers at 12 Mytime Active courses were asked to complete a questionnaire on their activity levels, health and wellbeing after each round they played.

When compared to the wider UK population, we found that:

  • Golf engages people who wouldn’t otherwise take part in sports and activities
  • Active golfers have better mental wellbeing than inactive golfers
  • Active golfers are able to motivate and organise themselves to play golf and exercise
  • Golfers have a higher level of trust

Mytime Active and England Golf will use these findings to:

  • Set up golf on referral schemes so the game can benefit hard to reach groups
  • Encourage inactive golfers to play more golf and improve their health and wellbeing
  • Promote the health benefits of the game more widely to all audiences

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