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Mytime Active's menu helps customers feel amazing

What's cooking at Mytime Active?

07 November 2016

Sugar free treats, lower fat meals and investments in new kitchen equipment are just some of the ways Mytime Active is helping customers make healthier choices.

Just a small change can make a big difference. Switching to sugar free Slush Puppies in January 2016 not only increased sales, but by late August had reduced the sugar impact to customers by 75kg - the weight of a baby giraffe!

Grab and go protein pots and sugar free ice lollies make healthy impulse buys, while our main meals feature lower fat sausages and 100% beef burgers.

We've also invested close to £60k in cooking facilities across our golf courses and leisure centres, to speed up our service and prepare meals in healthier ways.

We use local suppliers where possible. This cuts down on food miles and ensures freshness, as well as giving back to our communities. Free range eggs, fish from sustainable sources and meat from farms that meet animal welfare standards mean our healthy meals are ethical and environmentally friendly, too.

Whether it's a full English breakfast at the golf course, a post-workout energy boost or a chat over coffee while the kids enjoy our Buzz Zone soft play, Mytime Active's menu helps customers feel amazing.