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Why 30 minute workouts could help you achieve your fitness goals

01 August 2019

Ideally, everybody should exercise daily. The NHS recommends 150 minutes of physical activity over a 5-day period.

Exercise can be broken down into short bursts of activity instead of lengthy sessions. One popular, time-effective approach is an ‘express workout’. This can be a great way to burn off calories and improve your fitness if you’re pushed for time, or looking to increase the intensity of your training routine.

One of the most popular express workouts is a high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, class, with short bursts of intensive exercise followed by a rest period. Using a variety of equipment and body weight exercises, you will elevate your heart rate and burn calories. As HIIT combines cardiovascular and anaerobic exercises, this is a great way to strengthen your heart and lungs.

Short kettle bell sessions and spin classes also offer similar benefits.


TARGET30 is our 30-minute gym floor group exercise programme. These sessions teach you how to use different types of equipment more effectively, so you can enjoy a more rewarding and challenging workout. Our fitness instructors are on hand to help, giving you guidance and motivating you to achieve better results in the shortest time possible.

Here’s a quick summary of three types of TARGET30 classes:

  • T30:HIIT: high-intensity workout where each exercise lasts 20 seconds with a rest interval in between. Get rid of body fat, burn calories, and improve both your heart and lung function.
  • T30:POWER: high power output sessions to enhance athletic performance. Exercise and body weight movements are performed at pace, including heavy resistance.
  • T30:STRENGTH: build body strength and muscular endurance by promoting lean muscle tissue. This session is focused on the “load effect” and involves moderate to heavy loads with low to medium repetitions.

TARGET30 and many other group fitness classes are free for our members.

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