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Winter golf bag must haves

18 December 2018

When it's cold and rainy on the course, packing a few extras in with your clubs can make all the difference to your comfort levels.

Tristan Hodgkinson, our Head Golf Instructor at Bromley Golf Centre, lists his five essential golf bag items to keep you playing through the winter.

  1. Winter mitts
    Stop your hands freezing as you pull your trolley with a good pair of fleece-lined mitts. Snug, waterproof and windproof, they may not look elegant but you'll appreciate the warmth.

  2. Rain glove
    Cold, wet hands and cold, wet clubs make it difficult to maintain a good grip. The answer is a glove specifically designed to improve grip in the rain. windproof, breathable fabric keeps your hands comfortable in all weather conditions.

  3. Waterproofs
    It's not unusual for the weather to change halfway through your round. A lightweight, packable waterproof jacket and trousers will keep the rain off without restricting your game. Look for breathable fabric so you can wear them for summer showers too.

  4. Handwarmers
    Single use or reusable handwarmers are small, cheap, lightweight, and easy to activate with a shake or a squeeze, even if your hands are hands. Some winter mitts have an internal pocket so you can slide a handwarmer in.

  5. A hot drink
    Keep your body core warm and your fingers and toes will stay warm as well, so carry a flask of tea, coffee, or hot soup to keep you going until you get back to the cosy club house.