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Women...golf is calling!

30 May 2019

At Mytime Active, we believe that golf should be an accessible pastime for both men and women. We are seeing a fast increase in female golfers and it’s our aim to give everyone the chance to learn. Long gone are the days where you needed to worry about exclusive, stuffy dress codes or having to complete a full round of 18 holes. Our golf courses are family friendly and offer shorter, 9-hole games, so you can relax and enjoy the game despite your skill level.

Golf is a great way to keep fit and active. From strengthening your arm muscles to brisk walks between holes, golf has many health benefits. It’s also an enjoyable social activity too – our clubhouses are relaxed and open to all. Many people make long-lasting friendships through their shared love of golf – men and women alike. And, you will be enjoying some fresh air in the great outdoors too.

One of our main aims is to remove any barriers that could prevent women from taking up this popular sport. Our golf team dispels some common myths about golf:

I don’t know how to play golf

Our golf courses offer women-only lessons to give you the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment. Golf lessons are often delivered as fun, relaxed sessions by a PGA Professional - our Get Active in Golf programme is a series of six 30 minute sessions. In between lessons, you can practise your swing on the driving range.

It’s a ‘men-only’ sport

Golf is no longer an exclusively male-dominated game. Although still a popular choice for men, many women are now joining partners or male friends on the green too. As our golf courses are open to everyone, many couples and groups of friends enjoy playing a round together. Golf is fast becoming a fixed activity on people’s social agenda.

It’s too expensive!

We believe that everyone should have easy access to good value leisure, which includes golf. As well as golf memberships, our golf courses offer ‘pay and play’ sessions too. You can play a round of golf for less than £20. Having the right equipment is not a problem, as you can hire clubs at our golf courses for an affordable price.

So, why not give golf a go this summer and learn a new skill? Find your local Mytime Active golf course here.