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MEND has helped Christopher in so many ways, and as a result has also helped me

One family's experience of Mytime Active in Scotland

10 January 2017

Mytime Active is working with local partners in Scotland, including Scottish Sports Futures in the east end of Glasgow, to deliver the ‘Healthy Powerful Communities’ project funded through the Big Lottery Fund Scotland.

In a bid to support and empower local families in making positive choices, local partners have been delivering our MEND (Mind, Exercise, Nutrition…Do it!) programmes to local communities.

One family supported through the project shared their experience with Jim Boyd, Programme Manager for Scottish Sports Futures. Mum Tracy wrote:

"Just wanted to pass on a huge thank you from me and Christopher for the past ten weeks at MEND.

The experience has been completely life changing for us.

MEND has helped Christopher in so many ways, and as a result has also helped me.

Before MEND, I couldn't find anywhere that Chris felt comfortable socialising. As a result, he was slowly becoming more and more withdrawn. He wanted to stay at home all the time and be in his room. Although he felt unable to socialise, he still repeatedly told me that he was 'lonely for other children'. He was gaining weight and becoming more and more lethargic.

In the past I have tried Cubs, karate, judo, swimming clubs, Active8, mainstream football and supported learning football, none of which he could manage. Trying to take him to these clubs always resulted in fear, anxiety and eventually tears.

From week 1 in MEND Christopher was happy to go to the gym without me (this is a complete first) and loved the games that were played. I can't praise the MEND team enough for their ability to welcome the kids and make them feel instantly safe, while getting them active. In Chris's own words 'everyone at MEND is so much nicer than the people at school'.

From a nutrition point of view, we have a long road in front of us due to his fear of new foods. However, thanks to MEND Chris has now started to talk about this fear and explain to me about different tastes and textures and what he can and can't cope with. We can definitely start to work with this. Food is no longer the taboo subject it was before MEND, and I am looking forward to slowly experimenting with Chris on lots of new foods. The most amazing thing is that Chris is totally up for this.

He has completely grasped the 5/5 concept of fats and sugars. It was amazing to watch a boy that usually wouldn't let go of me in a supermarket, running the length of Asda by himself to get his results in first to the cafe!

Seeing that he has lost inches and weight and has a healthier heart rate already, is just magical.

 From a personal point of view, I thought I had a fair knowledge of food and health, however, MEND has given me lots of new ideas and thoughts on how I can improve both our diets and has also made it something that's easy to talk about with Christopher.

In short, I have watched my terrified, lonely son turn into a boy with confidence who feels safe to come into a busy room and chat with people he had never met, and all of this within ten weeks!

The dedication of the MEND team is something I will never forget, and we both look forward to continuing on the programme for as long as you will have us!"

Christopher's family is one of many to have been supported through the ‘Healthy Powerful Communities’ project in Scotland, and we will continue to help more.

For more information about MEND, please visit

For more information about the Healthy Powerful Communities Project in Scotland, please email Lesley Hillan-Fowler or call07975 952 057.

If you are interested in a MEND programme or any of the other services delivered through Scottish Sports Futures, please email Jim Boyd or call 01412 184 640 / 07949 589 180.