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Course levels

Parent & babyASA Discovery Duckling 1 & 2
Parent & childASA Discovery Duckling 3 & 4
Pre-schoolASA Discovery Duckling 1-4
I Can Swim
Stage 1ASA Stage 1
Stage 2ASA Stage 2
Waterskills 1, 5m
Stage 3ASA Stage 3
Waterskills 2, 5m
Stage 4ASA Stage 4
Waterskills 3, 10m
Stage 5ASA Stage 5
10m, 20m
Stage 6ASA Stage 6
Waterskills 4, 25m
Stage 7ASA Stage 7, Waterskills 5
Bronze Challenge Award
50m, 100m
Stage 8ASA Competitive Swim Stage 8
Silver Challenge Award
200m, 400m
Stage 9ASA Competitive Swim Stage 9
Gold Challenge Award
600m, 800m
Stage 10ASA Competitive Swim Stage 10
Honours Challenge Award
Rookie lifeguardBronze, Silver, Gold
Mile club1000m, 1500m

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There's a swimming lesson to suit everyone – young and old.

We've developed the Get Active in Swimming programme around you and your children – whether it's starting on the swimming lesson journey, improving technique or getting more comfortable in the water.

Get Active in Swimming offers structured and progressive coaching with qualified swimming instructors. We follow the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming, and our swimmers’ progress is continually assessed. For every stage or course you complete, you'll receive a certificate and badge to acknowledge your achievement.

Weekly lessons take place all year round.

Exclusive pool hire

Treat your water babies to their very own pool party.

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Get Active in Swimming

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