Leisure Reopening

The wait is over! Our leisure centres are reopening.

October Tier 2 Restrictions Update

As London moves into Tier 2 restrictions, we want to reassure you that we are still open and you can still safely, enjoy a gym session, group exercise class or swim with us. 

We are keeping you safe by rigorously applying all the COVID-secure standards as approved by government. Here’s a reminder of some of the measures you'll find at our centres...

↗ New layouts to allow for social distancing

⬇ Reduced capacity in the gym, pool and group exercise classes

💧 Centres regularly throughout the day

🖐 Hand sanitising and clean stations available through the centre

📲 Track and trace in place

😷 Masks to be worn when not exercising

💳 Card payments only to reduce the need for cash-handling

Leisure centre reopening schedule:

We’re reopening our gyms and leisure centres in stages, giving us time to focus on opening each one safely. As always, our members will have access to all our leisure centres, and we encourage you to check timetables at other locations for different activities and times. Timetables are subject to change.

Swimming pool update: We know you are keen to get swimming again and we can't wait to welcome you back! The Spa, Walnuts and West Wickham's pools are now open. We hope to be re-opening the rest of our pools from September onwards. We will keep all our customers updated by email, website and social media.

Open Now!
Delay to The Pavilion Reopening
  • The Pavilion - Sadly, we have had to take the difficult decision to delay the reopening of our gym, group exercise classes and bowling alley. For further information, please click here.

Please note: You will only be able to book 1 gym or group exercise session per day.

Reopening measures

We’re working within the ukactive, government approved framework for reopening our sites. To allow for effective social distancing, our centres will be for members only.

You will find below a detailed list of the measures being taken throughout our centres to ensure your safety. Please read this information thoroughly before visiting us.

General Measures

When visiting us, please follow these guidelines:  

  • Wash your hands regularly  
  • Wear a face covering when not exercising
  • Maintain social distancing  
  • Follow directional signage  
  • Clean your equipment before and after use  
  • Book your sessions in advance  
  • Pay by card only - our centres are now cashless
  • Bring your own mat 
  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes before your session 
  • Be considerate towards others 

For more detailed information about each of our services, please click below. 

Through-out our centres Gyms
Exercise classes Swimming Pools
Cafés Changing rooms
Reception areas Personal training sessions
Soft Play Squash


Through-out the centres 

What we’re doing: 
  • We’ve put new rigorous cleaning procedures in place, including a deep clean and regular cleaning of high-contact touch points throughout the premises. 
  • All our on-site staff have undergone further training around the new measures and how to keep you safe. 
  • Posters and signage are displayed throughout our sites reminding our customers to follow the measures in place. 
  • One-way systems have been put in place to allow for easier and more effective social distancing. 

To help us keep our centres safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules when visiting:  

  • Stay at home if you feel unwell or have any symptoms of Coronavirus.  
  • Wear a face covering when not exercising.
  • Follow the one-way systems put in place. 
  • Be considerate to our staff and others. 
  • Maintain social distancing from others. 
  • Wash your hands regularly. 



What we’re doing: 

  • All sessions must be booked in advance and are no 90 minutes long. 
  • Every other piece of equipment will be turned off to allow for social distancing. 
  • All touch points of equipment will be cleaned after each session. 
  • Cleaning stations will be available to allow you to clean your equipment before and after use. 
  • Additional signage will be displayed throughout the gym to remind all users to follow the new guidelines. 

To help us keep our gyms safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules when visiting:  

  • Clean your equipment before and after use. 
  • Return all equipment after use. 
  • Maintain social distance between you and other gym users. 
  • Enter and exit through the marked doors. 
  • If you wish to exit before your time-slot ends, please contact your instructor.
  • Leave your towels and bags at home or in your car. Lockers are not available and these items are not allowed in the gym.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session. Anyone more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed in.

Group Exercise Classes 

What we’re doing: 

  • All equipment will be cleaned in-between classes. 
  • All instructors have been fully trained on how to keep you safe. 

To help us keep our group exercise classes safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules:  

  • Sweat towels will be allowed in classes.
  • Please arrive no more than 10 minutes in advance of your class. 
  • Remain in your allocated workout space throughout the class. 
  • Maintain social distancing from other class participants at all times. 
  • Wipe down all equipment before and after your class. 
  • Use hand sanitiser before and after your class. 
  • Bring your own mat to class. 
  • Check-in to the class. 
  • Enter and exit through the marked doors. 
  • Leave your bags at home or in your car. Lockers are not available and these items are not allowed in the studio/hall.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start of your session. Anyone more than 5 minutes late will not be allowed in.


Swimming pools 

We can’t wait to see you at our pools. We have had to make some temporary changes to how your swimming session will look. This will change in stages as the government and scientific changes occurs. We are following Swim England’s, PWTAG, ukactive and RLSS guidance for best practise and will be asking our customers to please follow social distancing measures when attending our pools.

On reopening:

  • Please do not visit our pools if you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Wetside changing rooms are available at all of our pools.
  • Our floats and equipment will be out of use. We are encouraging you to bring your own cleaned and sanitised floats and equipment.
  • Diving boards, flumes, waves and the large inflatable will not be in use
  • 11+ will now be able to book into lane swimming sessions. For Family Splash sessions under 11s will need to be accompanied by an adult.
  • All of our sessions must be pre-booked so we know who is at our sites at all times, you may be turned away if you have not pre-booked a session.
  • You will be able to book lane swimming in 45 minute sessions, one session per day per person.  Our lanes will be doubled and the capacity of the lanes decreased in line with social distancing.  Our lanes will be marked slow, medium and fast and we ask you to use the correct lane for your ability.  We ask you to avoid overtaking to maintain social distance and before pushing off at the end check to see if someone faster is approaching.  If you are changing from a fast stroke to a slower stoke consider changing lanes if there is appropriate space in that lane.  Whilst resting ensure you keep your distance from other swimmers.  
  • You will be able to book family sessions in 45 minute chunks. Families from the same household are not required to socially distance but you will need to keep your distance from other families attending the session. Where pools have a teaching pool, Family sessions will happen there, where there is not a teaching pool there will be special sessions throughout the day for family swimming. During and after the Halloween half term we will be opening up main pool family splash sessions for families with children over the age of 8. The following ratios will apply 1 adult to every child under 3, 1 adult to 2 children aged 3-7, 1 adult to 3 children over 8.
  • The route to the pool may be a little different to how you are used to, please follow directional signage
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on poolside.
  • Please visit the bathroom before you attend
  • Water fountains will be out of use, please bring your own bottles
  • Hair dryers will be out of use, please wear swim caps or towel dry your hair
  • We will not be collecting or storing lost property, please ensure you keep your equipment with you
  • Our lifeguards have been retrained to adhere to social distancing guidance and have been competency tested against new guidance from the RLSS. Please maintain your distance from lifeguards when poolside and do not be alarmed if lifeguards are wearing additional PPE especially when performing first aid or lifesaving procedures.
  • Pool pods and hoists will still be in use at pools and have been risk assessed accordingly

Whilst these changes need to happen right now, we will ease our new regulations where and when we can to get back to the pools we know and love.

What swimming lessons are returning?

Swimming lessons are back at Darrick Wood, The Spa, Walnuts and West Wickham. Parent and Baby and Parent and Child lessons will return from 16th November.

If you are registered for swimming lessons at one of our other pools, we will be in contact as soon as the lessons return.

My child should be moving up a level but is in the same class. Why is that?

As swimmers have had a long time out of the water it will be best, in most cases, to remain in the class they were in before lockdown. Our teacher will reassess your child’s swimming during the first few lessons back and advise if a change in level is needed. 
The exemption are pre-schoolers who may be moving up to stage 1 classes and adult and child children moving into preschool classes.  

How do I know when my lesson is and if it’s changed?

Please check your home portal for information on your swimming lesson or email your site. If you do not have access to your home portal please contact your site so we can send you and activation email for your portal.

What if the previous lesson time and date has been cancelled?

If your lesson has been cancelled, you will be allocated a class that you have the option to move.

What if there is no change to the lesson?

If your lesson remains the same, you will see this in the portal.

What if the lesson time has changed and I can’t do that time?

If lessons have been moved your swimmer will automatically be moved, however, if this class does not suit you will be able to move your swimmer in to another class based on availability.  

My child is in adult and child classes but is now preschool age

If you do have children who will be moving from toddler classes up into preschool classes, we will allocate you a class that you can move in the portal.

My child is now of school age and will not be able to do preschool classes

We will allocate your child a class in stage 1 where we can, if there is no space, we will add your child to a waiting list.

The time and day does not work for us

If you cannot find a space that works for you, please keep checking back as other parents will be moving also.



Our Cafés will remain closed for the time being. When they do reopen, they will operate under any guidelines issued by PHE or other National Health authorities. In the meantime, grab and go options and vending machines are available in some of our sites.

In the meantime, vending machines are available and will be cleaned regularly. 


Changing Room / Showers / Toilets 

Wetside changing rooms will be available at The Spa at Beckenham and West Wickham Leisure Centre from 25th September. Wetside changing at The Walnuts will return along with the swimming pool on 5th October.

What we’re doing:
  • Our changing rooms will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
  • Cleaning stations will be available for each cubicle.
  • Alternate lockers will be available.
  • Alternate showers will be available.

To help us keep our centres safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules:  

  • Follow all signage and only use changing cubicles, lockers and showers which are marked as open for the activity you are participating in.
  • Please clean each changing cubicle before and after use. Cleaning stations will be available.
  • Maintain social distancing between you and other changing room users at all times.

Reception Area 

What we’re doing: 

  • Sneeze guards will be placed in front of reception staff. 
  • Hand sanitizers will be available for staff and customers. 
  • Markers will be in place to ensure queueing follows social distancing guidelines. 

To help us keep our centres safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules:  

  • Pay by contactless payment whenever possible. 
  • Follow signage and maintain social distancing when queueing. 
  • Be considerate to our staff and others. 


Personal training sessions

Personal training sessions are available to book. All sessions will follow our social distancing measures. 


Soft Play

What we’re doing: 

  • New rigorous cleaning procedures in place, including increased cleaning during sessions and regular deep cleans
  • Reduced the capacity of our soft play sessions
  • Adjusted the layout of our soft play areas and removed some areas and objects which are harder to clean
  • No groups larger than 6
  • One-way route for entry and exit
  • Limited menu available serving grab and go snacks and drinks
  • Signage and reminders will be across the site to remind you to socially distance

To help us keep our soft play safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules when visiting:

  • Pre-book online and ensure you book a ticket for everyone that is attending to keep you safe and ensure we do not go over our capacities. This includes booking £0 adult tickets.
  • Keep to a ratio of 1 adult to 3 children, please do not bring more adults that you need to bring
  • Follow all social distancing signage at site
  • Cashless payments only please
  • Keep your child’s shoes with you and do not put them in the shoe area

Click here for our booking guide.



What we're doing:

  • Courts will be fully cleaned after each session
  • Sessions are restricted to two players on court at any one time
  • Each court will be available for a 40 minute session

To help us keep our squash courts safe and enjoyable, please abide by the following rules when visiting:

  • Use ‘Sides’ to maintain social distancing throughout the warm-up, therefore don’t cross to the other side of the court.
  • Protective eyewear or visors are strongly recommended at all times
  • Please refrain from wiping your hands on the wall
  • Please maintain social distancing when not on court and continue to follow our centre’s guidance
  • Please vacate your court on time. Exit the court and surrounding area as soon as possible.
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