About us

We're different from the norm. We are an integrated wellbeing provider and trusted experts in the areas of healthy lifestyles, fitness, nutrition and childcare.

We're different from many other gyms or health clubs.

We offer a wide range of activities with over 100 products and services across swimming, gyms, group exercise, golf, bowling, soft play and social events for all ages. We also have specialist social, health and wellbeing programmes integrated into what we do, so we can provide tailored support for different groups - for people with health conditions or disabilities, for new mums, for older generations keeping active and for younger people starting their wellbeing journey.

But wellbeing is about so much more than being active, it’s about how you feel. So, as well as helping people to move more and eat well, our programmes are designed to boost positivity and self confidence, and encourage social connections. We make it simple, easy and fun, welcoming and inspiring, so our customers can rely on us to encourage them in starting and keeping to new healthier habits.

We are very proud to be a social enterprise and an independent charity. This means we charge affordable prices and we reinvest all of our profits into our facilities, services and programmes, as well as into community activities. In other words, we reinvest all of our profits back where it matters most – the long-term wellbeing of our local community.

Each of our centres has a different, tailored offering designed to reflect the individual needs of the local neighbourhood. We focus on making our spaces accessible, friendly and welcoming for everyone.

All this means we have something to offer everyone from children to grandparents and everything in between, whatever the starting point and regardless of goals, fitness and activity levels. Ultimately, it’s about everyone in our neighbourhoods living longer, healthier and happier lives. 

Primetime members chatting in the cafe
Primetime: more than just being active
Become a part of award winning activity and social programme for our over 60's and experience something new. Meet one of our friendly 'Buddies' today to find out more.
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