Golf on Referral

Only available at the Midland's Hub at the moment. An alternative way to help our communities become more physically active outdoors.

Being physically active is not just about lifting heavy weights or running a marathon, it is about living an active lifestyle every day. At Mytime Active we believe that everyone has the right to a healthier active lifestyle, and playing golf is a great way to improve your health and meet new people at the same time.

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What is Golf on Referral?

In partnership with Sport Birmingham, we developed the Golf on Referral programme. The aims of the programme are to introduce a new, fun alternative way to help our communities become more physically active outdoors whilst improving their health and giving opportunities to learn a new skill and socialise with like-minded people.

Join our programme to experience 6 sessions that include 45 minutes of golf and 30 minutes of support group learning sessions plus 6 additional passes to utilise our facilities and build on your new skills.

Learn everything from how to improve your golf technique, how to advance your putting skills, all the way through to how to boost your confidence and reach your activity goals.

Our session topics include:

  • Goal setting and overcoming barriers
  • Physical activity and mental health
  • Maximising your motivation

We provide all the equipment, and as we do not operate a strict uniform policy, you can turn up as you like!

Would you like to join a Golf on Referral Programme?

Get started today – 5 easy steps to improved health and a more active you!

  1. Complete a self-referral form and provide your details so that we can enrol you onto the programme.
  2. Once in receipt of your referral, a member of the Exercise Referral Team will contact you to advise of the next course dates and book you on.
  3. At your first session you will meet one of our Golf Professionals. They will give you information about what to expect and the course booklets, take your Blood Pressure and other measurements and any further information about the programme.
  4. Begin your course and meet new people over the course of the programme.
  5. Following completion of the programme you will be given tips and opportunities to keep playing golf with your friends and family.

Why Join Our Golf on Referral Programme

Through previous programmes, we have seen participants improve their physical wellbeing by increasing their participation in activity by 59%. The programme has impacted those who have taken part by improving blood pressure and decreasing their resting heart rate. The benefits have not stopped there, we have also seen improved mental wellbeing measures – feelings of life satisfaction and happiness too!

Our previous participants have enjoyed being able to learn new golf skills alongside others who had gone through similar life experiences as them, and described their group as:

"A little golf community, with them, going on the course and playing that first hole like we did, you don’t feel uncomfortable"

"I talked about having anxiety, so coming here and talking about it has been brilliant because you need somebody to respond to"

Want more information?

The Golf on Referral programme at Hatchford Brook Golf Centre and will run every Wednesday for 6 weeks. At just £4 per session, Golf on Referral is a cost-effective way to take the first steps in improving your health. 

What’s better still is that the cost of the programme will be refunded to you afterwards should you decide to join as a member!

If you are interested in enrolling onto the programme but can’t make the above dates, please get in touch with us so that we can notify you of future programmes.

For any queries, please email us at

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