Fast. Fierce. Fire. Force. Flow.
Join us for our exclusive Boutique Classes at the Mind + Body Studio at The Spa at Beckenham.

Featuring a mixture of boutique classes specifically designed to hit all areas of fitness and wellbeing. Take on all the classes and you'll train your strength, power, stability, balance, cardio and anaerobic threshold.



Train your inner athlete with a FAST class.

This unique fast paced workout using ladders, lights and the Powerplate will improve your speed, agility, quickness, balance and reaction time.

You'll walk out feeling every bit the athlete.


Build your strength foundation in a FORCE class.

Designed to improve the quality of your strength and calisthenics training. This is a technique and tempo focused class which will ultimately to enable you to build confidence and strength!

You'll feel seriously powerful after this class.


Increase your max capacity in a FIRE class.

This high intensity class will get your blood pumping. Designed to maximise your cardiovascular development, we'll be aiming to achieve a minimum of 80% of YOUR maximum heart rate!

You'll feel the fire during this class.


Train like a fighter with a FIERCE class.

This class is a unique combination of fight conditioning exercises and partner pad work drills designed to improve YOUR boxing and kicking skills! 

It's a hard-hitting session that'll have you walking out a champion.


Move in a new way with a FLOW class.

Flow classes challenge your body to move in ways traditional gym training wouldn't. You'll gain strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, coordination by completing a series of functional movement exercises. It's fun, challenging and effective! 

Only at the Mind + Body Studio

These boutique classes are exclusively at our Mind + Body Studio at The Spa at Beckenham.

Our Boutique Class Timetable
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