Our Approach

Find out about our evidence and research based Theory of Change and how it guides everything we do.

We have a unique approach which guides everything we do; we call it our ‘Theory of Change’. It is based on strong evidence and research, and is our blueprint for how the things we do lead to improving the wellbeing of our neighbourhoods.

There are the four things we know are the key to overall wellbeing; we call them the ‘Four Pathways’.

  • Be Active - do regular exercise to improve physical fitness and overall physical health
  • Eat Well - know what to eat to make up a balanced diet and regularly make healthy eating choices
  • Be Positive - recognise achievements, no matter how small, and grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Be Together - join in social activities, make new friends and acquaintances, feel part of the local community and give back to it.
Our Theory Explained

The theory of change model starts with our customers who are at the heart of all our thinking when designing programmes. It highlights the importance of our unique approach, making behaviour change simple, tailored and expertise-led, while being underpinned by a firm set of values. It allows us to measure the outcomes and monitor the effectiveness of our efforts across the four pathways, and the overall impact on wellbeing as a result.

Our Theory of Change

Two young boys having fun by the steps in a swimming pool
Swimming Lessons

Perfect for every swimmer, our swimming lessons are a great way to either start the swimming journey or make progress in the pool.

A group golf lesson with a Golf Pro talking to a lady
Take the first step to being active
Our expert team have put together a selection of activities perfect for taking that first step on the journey to improved wellbeing.