Who we are and what we do | Mytime Active

We believe everyone has the right to a healthy lifestyle

We make it simple for people to get more out of life.

We offer something for everyone, from children to grandparents and everyone in between. We are proud to support people’s wellbeing journeys at all ages and life stages, regardless of fitness and activity levels.      

As a result, each site and centre has a different, tailored offering designed to reflect the bespoke needs of their communities.

Our approach

Putting wellbeing at the heart of our company mission means looking at behaviour change holistically and going beyond physical activity to incorporate four lifestyle pathways.

These have been shown through research to make a real impact on wellbeing:

  • Be Active – Facilitating regular exercise which improves physical fitness and helps people to achieve their goals
  • Eat Well – Providing healthy options and the knowledge to be able to make healthy choices
  • Be Positive – Building confidence and self-esteem from achieving goals and making healthy choices
  • Be Together – Creating opportunities for increased participation, the building of new relationships and the chance to give back to the local area

The four pathways are an important part of how we monitor the effectiveness of our programmes at shifting wellbeing scores.