Fresh Start Friendly

Over 6 weeks, learn everything from how to warm up and cool down effectively, how to use different machines in the gym, how to boost your confidence and much more.

Physical activity is an integral part of our health and wellbeing and by meeting the minimum recommendations of exercise, you can reduce your risk of major such as coronary heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and cancer and lower your risk of early death by up to 30%1.  

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What is Fresh Start Friendly?

The aims of the programme are to introduce a new, fun alternative way to help our communities become more physically active whilst improving their health, confidence and giving opportunities to learn new skills and socialise with like-minded people.

Join our programme consisting of instructor-led sessions and classess that include a 45-minute gym session and 30 minutes of support group learning sessions.

Learn everything from how to warm up and cool down effectively, how to use different machines in the gym, how to boost your confidence and reach your activity goals and much more.

The sessions will focus on:

  • Building confidence in a gym environment
  • Optimising your nutrition when becoming more physically active
  • Understanding how to build your own tailored exercise plan in order to achieve your physical activity goals

Would you like to join a Fresh Start Friendly Programme?

Get started today – 5 easy steps to improved health and a more active you!

  1. Complete a self-referral form and provide your details so that we can enrol you onto the programme.
  2. Once in receipt of your referral, a member of the Exercise Referral Team will contact you to advise of the next course dates and book you on.
  3. At your first session you will meet one of our Fitness Instructors. They will give you information about what to expect and the course booklets, take your blood pressure and other measurements and any further information about the programme.
  4. Begin your course and meet new people over the course of the programme.
  5. Following completion of the programme you will be given tips and opportunities to keep playing golf with your friends and family.

Why Join Our Fresh Start Friendly Programme?

Currently, around 1 in 4 adults in England are physically inactive2   and two of the most common reported barriers to engaging in physical activity are a lack of confidence and a lack of skills. The Fresh Start Friendly programme aims to tackle both of those barriers.

Through similar programmes, we have seen participants improve their physical wellbeing by increasing their participation in activity by 59%. Some of the benefits have been improved blood pressure and decreased resting heart rate. The positive outcomes have not stopped there, we have also seen improved mental wellbeing measures – feelings of life satisfaction and happiness too!


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