History | Mytime Active

The story of MEND begins in 2000.

The first MEND programme was developed from 2000 and piloted in 2002. After starting gold standard research at Great Ormond Street Hospital and the UCL Institute of Child Health in 2003, MEND Central Ltd was set up in 2004, operating as a social enterprise, to build on this successful concept.

Our goal was ambitious but simple – to make as big a difference to as many people as possible, especially those less advantaged, by developing weight management and healthy lifestyle programmes that work.

Our ethos of partnering across sectors and drawing on experience from a range of backgrounds was born at the outset – as was the need to develop a suite of prevention, treatment, training and capacity building services. Measurement, research and evaluation remain key, as do internationalisation and possible application outside of obesity.

In late 2005 we began to work with Primary Care Trusts and Local Authorities in England. In December 2006 we got major funding from visionaries at the Big Lottery Fund and Sainsbury’s, which meant we could start to deliver on a large scale and build the MEND team.

In December 2012, Mytime Active acquired MEND. By continuing to learn and improve, we'll ensure this story is just the beginning.