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Badminton icon

Badminton is back at The Walnuts.

An energetic racket sport - a game of skill and sharp movement across the court

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Ballet icon

Currently not operating.

Ballet classes for adults to develop core stability, coordination, strength and good posture

Football icon

Currently not operating.

A popular sport! Join us to play competitively or just for fun.

Football skills icon

Currently not operating.

Football practice sessions for children. Learn core techniques and play the beautiful game.

Gymnastics icon

Currently not operating.

With classes for all levels, children can learn new skills and grow in confidence, fitness and flexibility while having fun.

Squash icon

Squash is back..

The fast-paced and competitive racket sport.

Table tennis icon

Back at The Pavilion.

A sport for all – anyone can play! An enjoyable social sport, particularly good for developing alertness and coordination.

Trampolining icon

Currently not operating.

Bounce and flip through one of our trampoline sessions.