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Post-workout nutrition tips

08 July 2019

After a good workout, it’s important to refuel and recharge your body. Depending on the type of activity, you could burn up to 350 calories during a 30-minute workout.

The Mytime Active fitness team shares some useful tips to help you manage your health and fitness:

Stay hydrated

Athletes are carefully monitored when it comes to their hydration levels - even a small loss of body weight due to fluid can seriously affect their performance. So make sure you drink plenty of fluids after exercise to achieve full rehydration.

As a guide, the NHS suggests aiming for 6 - 8 glasses of fluid per day. If you’ve enjoyed one of our TARGET30 classes, then you may need to increase your fluid intake afterwards.

If you’re worried that you may have lost too much fluid, opt for a sports drink containing electrolytes, which will help to replenish your sodium, chloride, magnesium and calcium levels.

Increase your protein intake

After a workout, you will need to repair damaged muscle fibres. A great way to do this is by eating a good source of protein. Protein also helps to support the formation of new muscle tissue.

What you fancy might depend on what time of day you do your workout, but we recommend a snack containing milk, eggs, yoghurt, chicken or turkey. If you’re a vegetarian or a vegan, consider soya, nuts and beans.

If you usually head straight to work after the gym, then you could opt for a protein shake afterwards, but only if you are not already getting enough protein in your diet. Eating too much protein can be harmful.

Eat a balanced meal

A balanced meal  includes protein, vegetables, and wholegrain carbohydrates. If you’ve had a high-intensity workout, then it’s always important to make sure you eat a balanced diet to help you maintain your energy levels.

At Mytime Active, we developed our nutritious bowls range as a quick and easy way for you to enjoy a healthy meal post-workout. Simply select your protein, vegetable, grains or fibre and then top off your meal with a healthy dressing or sauce.

Discover the range of nutritious bowls at our cafés, restaurants and golf course club houses.