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Top 6 healthy swaps to balance your family diet

06 August 2019

When it comes to staying healthy, what you eat is just as important as how active you are.

The Mytime Active team knows how hard it can be to give your family a healthy, balanced diet, so if you fancy trying something new, we’ve listed six easy food ideas below:

  1. Reduce bread

    Bread is very high in carbs and salt, low in micronutrients, and packed full of preservatives. To cut down on the amount you eat, try using wraps or pitta bread for sandwiches.
  2. Swap white pasta for wholemeal or wholegrain

    Wholemeal or wholegrain pasta contains more nutrients than white pasta. White pasta contains refined carbs, which means many of the nutrients have been removed during processing.
  3. Or try courgetti spaghetti

    If you’re fed up of eating pasta, why not have fun making your own spaghetti with a courgette, as a way of adding extra veg into your diet? Spend some quality time with the little ones creating courgette alternatives for your evening meal.
  4. Use edamame noodles in stir fries

    Instant noodles have unhealthy levels of saturated fats and salt, and rice noodles are often high in calories, so why not try wholemeal or edamame noodles instead? The edamame bean is rich in protein, fibre and antioxidants – and they taste great too!
  5. Choose cauliflower mash for a change

    Although white potatoes are a good source of vitamins, cauliflowers contain less carbs and make a tasty alternative to traditional mash, if you fancy a change. This is another fun meal activity you can do with the children - mashing cauliflower is a lot easier than trying to mash a potato!
  6. Switch to brown long-grain rice

    Short-grain white rice is very starchy and can cause blood sugar levels to spike. So, opt for slower energy release foods, such as wholegrain or long-grain basmati rice.

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