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Meet Ellie

Ellie is a Physical Activity Leader working at Victoria.

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Meet Jared

Jared is a Physical Activity Specialist working in Victoria.

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Our free physical activity and nutrition service for mums with children under four.

Each session lasts about an hour and is led by either a Registered Dietitian or a qualified Physical Activity Leader

Physical activity sessions can include:

  • Resistance Band Workouts
  • Buggy and baby workouts – how to exercise and bond with your baby
  • Bodyweight Circuit session

Nutrition topics can include:             

  • Solid food introduction/weaning        
  • Fussy eating        
  • Postnatal weight management

The services are held within community or children’s centres. Physical activity activities might also take place in parks.

You are welcome to attend with your child. The session will begin with a short consultation to understand what you want to gain from the service, followed by information and exercises to help you reach your goals.

Imogen attended our sessions in Pimlico

"My 1-1s with Ellie have brought me on a wonderful journey of physical development, as well as an emotional investment in myself. We have been meeting on a weekly basis for a tailor made programme that accounts for post-partum needs and injuries and has been evolved as my fitness have improved. I look forward to our sessions immensely because I can work out, have a chat and also push myself for an endorphin rush. Having the time and focus on my wellbeing is a luxury; it makes me happy and creates a positive foundation to take on daily challenges of having a baby and everything else life has to offer. 

"The best bit is I am now in better shape – both lighter and stronger – 5 months after my second baby than I was when I got married!"