Guidance Notes

These Guidance Notes are designed to assist with your application

Hints for Applicants

Study the job description and person specification carefully. The job description and person specification list the main duties and criteria of the post.   Please look at this carefully so that you know what the job involves, consider how you can match this in terms of your knowledge, experience and training and ask yourself why you are interested in this job?

Making an application

It follows from the above that you should gear your application to the specific job – don’t submit the same application for every job, unless it is equally appropriate.

Prepare your application in draft to avoid mistakes and repetitions. Ensure the information is well organised and relevant. Your application needs to show the relevant skills, interests and experience you have gained.

Give examples of the work you have been involved in and write in a positive way (eg I was responsible for.., I organised..).  Always remember to specify your own responsibilities rather than those of your section or department.

Your application should also be:

  • (a) Comprehensive;
  • (b) Brief and to the point;
  • (c) Honest and factual;
  • (d) Clear and well presented;
  • (e) Submitted by the advertised closing date.
Further guidance of how to complete your application

Application for the post of:

Please state which post you are applying for.

Personal details:

Please present your personal details fully and clearly to enable us to make contact with you.

Education / Professional Qualifications 

We are interested in any form of education you have followed, including any courses which did not lead to an examination or qualification. The information you give should, include details of any professional or other relevant qualifications including relevant training courses. We would also like to know if you are a member of any professional bodies.

Employment / Work reference

We are interested in any present, or past, employment whether paid or voluntary you consider relevant to your application. 

Further Information

This is your opportunity to “sell” yourself. You should clearly provide evidence of how your previous experience, skills and abilities mean that you match the needs of the job i.e. the abilities/skills specified within the essential/desirable criteria of the person specification. Remember that you may be able to draw from different areas of your life to provide relevant and useful examples, not just paid employment.

Tailor your application to meet the needs of the person specification. Make it easy for the selection panel to see how well you match the job.

Any applications arriving after the advertised deadline will not be considered for shortlisting unless there are exceptional reasons.

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