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Hot Yoga

From PIYO to Yoga Flow, we offer a range of holistic classes in the new hot studio to help you achieve mental and physical balance.

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Specialised eGym equipment that automatically adjusts to your size and programme to monitor your progress for optimal results.

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Find the right Hot Yoga or Pilates session for you. See our class descriptions and meet our instructors below.

Hot candlelight yoga with Michelle B

A beautifully calming class to end the working week.  A warm, candlelit environment to help the body into a meditative state.

Hot chakra flow with Sophie R

Chakra Yoga is the practice of using yoga postures and controlled breath, known as pranayama, to cleanse, balance and open the chakras (energy centres) of the body. Join Sophie for this beautiful Yoga session.

Hot fitness pilates with Emma S

Emma will take you though a Pilates class more fitness based than traditional, using mini balls and resistance bands to strengthen your core.

Hot Forrest inspired/power yoga with Sara S

Sara's classes fuse power yoga, dynamic yoga and Forrest yoga, to strengthen and tone your body, while soothing your soul. Each class has a physical and mental intent, focusing on shifting negative patterns and directing healing breath where you need it most. Each class will end with deep relaxation.

Hot hatha yoga with Anna O

A traditional  Yoga class using asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath) to improve fitness not only of the body but also of the mind.

Hot pilates with Sabrina S/Teresa B

A class focusing on strengthening the core, if you have back issues then this is the class that will help you realign your spine and improve your posture in a   relaxing hot environment.

Hot PiYo with Nancie N

Exciting power yoga programme from the USA.  PIYO combines powerful Yoga moves with body conditioning for a great full body workout without impact.

Hot power dynamic yoga with Rina M

Flowing and beautiful sequence of yoga postures specifically designed to carefully strengthen and improve flexibility, linking breath with movement.  This class will leave you happier, healthier and with a much more positive outlook to the rest of the day. All levels welcome.

Hot pure stretch with Anna P

This class is designed for those that are not so bendy! The hot environment is fantastic for improving flexibility in the muscles. We use balls, straps, blocks to get into those hard to reach places, suitable for all fitness levels.

Hot sivananda with Natasha C

Sivananda yoga has 5 points of focus Proper Exercise (Asanas), Breathing (Pranayama), Relaxation (Savasana), Diet and Positive Thinking.

Hot soulful Vinyasa yoga with Claire S

A transformational fusion of form and flow designed to light you up and soothe your soul. You will learn how to embody the principles of yoga, empowering you to feel more balanced, energised and grounded, both on and off the mat. Flowing sequences blend with steady poses, integrating patterns of movement with an underlying theme drawn from yoga philosophy and connecting back into real life.

Hot Vinyasa flow with Jo N

A challenging strength focused Vinyasa class.  Set to a funky playlist we will build up and flow through sequences, postures, arm balances and inversions finishing off with some relaxation. 

Hot yoga flow with Giovina G

A Vinyasa class, flowing synchronization of body movement and breath, poses are not held for too long but they build into a well balanced and rounded sequence often targeting certain areas of the body or certain themes.

Meet our instructors


Anna O

Anna’s yoga journey began when she first became a farmer, back in her homeland in Oppido Lucano, Italy, achieving her desire to plant 300 pistachio trees using the biodynamic agricultural principles based on the position of the moon, planets and natural cosmic and earth forces. In her lifestyle, she was dedicated to the principles of yoga and decided to explore this deep connection enrolling in a Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher training course.



Anna P

I was a class member of The Spa for many years before qualifying as a Yoga Teacher.  I’m an adventurous soul who enjoy going on yoga retreats for spiritual development and to share my learning with my students and customers. My values are to have awareness of the present moment and to make a difference by supporting others to increase their wellbeing through yoga, Mindfulness and Pure Stretch.



Claire S

Since stepping on a yoga mat for the first time in 1999 Claire had no idea it would be a huge adventure that would ignite her life and connect her deeply to her own soul. Since training in 2005 Claire has continued to study becoming Anusara inspired in 2013 and completing her Rasa Yoga advanced teaching training in 2016.



Joanne N

Passionate about Yoga and Fitness – I am a 200 hr qualified Yoga Teacher specialising in Pre and Post Natal Yoga. I found my passion through practising hot yoga for years and love a dynamic practise focusing on strength.  I want you to leave my classes feeling like you’ve had a real workout!  I’m a heat addict and there’s nothing quite like that warm tingly feeling after a hard hot yoga class. Come to my class, expect to work hard, be challenged and achieve things you didn’t think were possible. Don’t worry, there’s always a lovely relaxation to help you wind down at the end




Michelle B

I have been teaching yoga for seven years and I first stepped onto a yoga mat over 15 years ago, and I have not looked back since!  Yoga is very much a part of my everyday life, helping me to stay calm and balanced through life’s ups and downs! Initially, my practice was to become more flexible and help with my fitness levels. However, 10 years ago, following a diagnosis with Lupus in my mid-thirties, I found that yoga gave me the nurturing strength, energy and support, to recover and connect with my body and mind. Yoga helped with the healing process and taught me to ‘listen to my body’, manage my energy levels and to slow down!  Join me for Candlelit Slow Flow Yoga and Yoga Nidra to chill out on Friday nights. 




Rina M

Rina has been teaching Yoga for 3 years and practicing Yoga for 10 years. She is a Level  3 Certified Yoga Teacher and REPS, happy to share her yoga journey, and to help others discover the true Mind, Body and Spirit benefits of Yoga.




Nancie N

I teach BodyBalance, PureStretch, Yoga and of course, Piyo.  My journey started nearly 20 years ago with traditional hatha yoga and I particularly enjoy yoga flow sequences.  Discovering modern yoga fusion programmes was a real joy for me; blending yoga poses into fitness movements, teamed with inspiring music, I just fell in love with it.  So following a 10-year career break from Banking and IT to raise my three boys (and a husband and a cat) and spending a lot of this time at the gym(!), training up as a Group Exercise/Yoga Instructor just seemed like the natural thing to do and what a great way to share my passion."




Sabrina S

Movement has been consistent throughout my life. Starting as a dancer of various styles, exploring movement world wide including hula in Hawaii. Pilates is a further exploration of movement, core stretching and a practice that can help others. Instructing for 9years currently and continuing to explore body and mind practices. 




Sara S

Sara has been practicing yoga for 15 years and initially qualified as a Hot Power Yoga teacher in 2016, followed by training in Forrest Yoga and massage therapy.  Sara's classes fuse Power yoga, Dynamic Yoga and Forrest Yoga. Sara offers modifications for every pose, so they are available to all levels. Everybody can enjoy a little yoga magic! 




Sophie R

I began with Yoga at 20 years old and it has brought and continues to bring deep healing to me and I feel passionate about helping others to take advantage of the many benefits yoga will bring to your life.  I teach a mindful practice where I stimulate the Chakras through poses and taking you out of your comfort zone. I draw on several influences style wise and work with the various elements of the chakras, so each week will be different from the last.  My aim is to strengthen and release the body and mind and bring you to a deeper connection with yourself.  




Tasha C

I’m a chemistry teacher, teaching in the UK secondary schools. I’ve been practising yoga for past 25 years and teaching yoga since 1999. I am a BWY and YA Dip Yoga Teacher. I’m specialised to teach children’s and pre natal yoga. Yoga helps me to maintain my body’ vitality and conquer some ailments so that I can function unaffected on a daily basis. I have the honour to be working at The Spa for the past 12 years and spreading the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli-working from the spine. The hot yoga classes that I’ll will be teaching will be based on Vanda’s approach. I’ll deliver traditional Hatha Yoga postures with any adaptations needed allowing individual approach to the asana. 




Teresa B

I am a Level-3 Pilates instructor and registered with REPS.I have enjoyed teaching Pilates at the Spa for a little over a year and am so looking forward to delivering your new “HOT PILATES” sessions. The added heat increases the challenge, but it also eases tight muscles, loosens stiff joints and increases your flexibility. Reaching your toes in the Roll Down will never be easier

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