MyClub for adults

Exclusively for adults with special educational needs and/or disabilities, and held at various sites across Bromley.

Currently we offer:

  • Keep Fit  - functional exercises delivered in a fun way
  • Dance Party - moving to music, encouraging self-expression and creativity
  • Warm Up workout  - a focus on the importance of tuning in and warming the body up in a fun and sociable way
  • Golf  - being outdoors in nature developing and exploring the physical skills set for golf
  • Multi Sports  - developing a range of skills from hand-eye co-ordination, to teamwork, to gross motor development
  • Bowling – helps develop and encourage social skills and gross motor skills
  • Zumba - burn calories while having fun at the best exercise class ever

MyClub is a fun, sociable, supportive group where we accommodate for all as best as we can, so that we can all be active together!

All activities are £6.75.

To register, contact or via the form.

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