5 Body Benefits of a Swim Workout

Everyone can benefit from swimming, no matter what your age or ability. As well as being a good form of cardio exercise, there are various health benefits associated with swimming. Enjoying a regular swim will help to reduce your risk of disease and stress levels and offers a safe way to exercise during pregnancy too. Combining a swim with a gym workout is the ultimate way to get fit and stay healthy.

Our Mytime Active swim team have listed five ways swimming can help to tone your body:

  1. Full body workout
    Swimming is a good all-round workout for the whole body. As a low-impact cardio exercise, you won’t have to worry about adding pressure to weak, injured or arthritic joints. The water will support your body, so you can tone up with every stroke!
  2. Strengthen and tone arms
    If you’re worried about wobbly arms, then swimming is a great way to tone up your triceps. Your arms and shoulders will be targeted with every type of swimming stroke.
  3. Stronger, shapely back
    Swimming is considered one of the best exercises for strengthening muscles that support your spine. A good swim will help protect your posture and improve its shape too.
  4. Improved waistline and core strength
    If you’re looking to reduce your waistline, then the twisting motion associated with front and back crawl will help to keep you trim and build your core strength too.
  5. Stronger, sculpted legs
    If you want to improve the strength and shape of your legs, swimming exercises your quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles.

As well as the physical benefits of swimming, spending time in the water will help you relax after a long day and give you a bit of headspace. Why not choose to swim with a friend and combine with a much needed catch up? And, at the weekends, why not enjoy some quality family time in the pool too?

Take a dip in one of our many Mytime Active pools – check our timetables to find a session that suits you. Why not book swimming lessons for your kids or improve your stroke with a 1-2-1 adult swim session?