FREE Vital 5 Health Checks at One Bromley

Find out how healthy you are with a Vital 5 check. The free, easy to access check, will measure your blood pressure, weight and mental health. It will also tell you if you are drinking at safe levels and can give advice on how to quit smoking.

  • Normal blood pressure
  • Healthy mind
  • Healthy eating
  • Safe drinking
  • Quitting smoking

These 5 areas are called the Vital 5 as they are vital for long-term good health and wellbeing. The Vital 5 check is free and takes up to 30 minutes. At the end you will get your personal Vital 5 passport, which is a good indication of your overall health and what you can do to improve it.

It’s important to you and your loved ones that your body is in good shape for as long as possible, A Vital 5 check can help quickly identify things that you may need to take care of. Either way, having your Vital 5 check is a great decision for your health.

You’ll receive lots of information, support and ideas on how to keep your Vital 5 areas healthy, so take some time for yourself and your wellbeing today and book in for your Vital 5 check

Walk-in or book on For all over 18, excluding pregnant women. The Wellbeing Hub is situated in The Glades, Upper Mall, next to the Guest Service Lounge and opposite to M&S.

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