Getting Back into Golf After Winter

At this time of year, you may well be feeling the chill of a winter’s day. But don’t let this put you off your golf play. If it’s too cold outside, then why not use the time to prepare your game? As well as practising your swing so you’re ready for spring, take the opportunity to perfect your grip and your pre-shot routine.

Practise your swing

PGA Tour golf players are consistent because they have learned to trust their swing. Start to build trust in your own swing by practising off the course. Grab a small bucket and focus on hitting a few quality shots. Then, head over to the driving range and practise your swing. Start with wedges and then work your way up to a driver.

Perfect your grip

Keep your clubs nearby and constantly work on perfecting your grip. Watch some golf play, and when you see a player hit a certain shot you want to improve, try to match their grip pressure.

Understand your pre-shot routine

Most players do not have a pre-shot routine and yet this can become your best friend when you’re out on the course. A good pre-shot routine will help you calm your nerves, so you can hit better shots while under pressure. Why not watch some golf champions in play to see if you can spot their pre-shot routine?

Warm up and get into the right mindset

Before you head out onto the course, warm up with a few stretches and some controlled practice swings. If you haven’t played for some time, you will find that some of your muscles will tire easily as they may not have been used for a while. Don’t worry if your game play feels a bit rusty. And, don’t be put off by a bad shot or two; it takes time to get back into the swing of things.


If you’re looking to improve your game play or you would like a refresher, then why not consider some Golf Lessons with one of our PGA Golf Professionals? Please visit our Mytime Active golf page for more information and details of our golf courses.