Golf Clubs – What Are Drivers, Woods, Irons & Wedges?

At Mytime Active, we believe that everyone should have easy access to golf. We have a wide range of golf courses, including scenic greens and woodland settings. If you’re new to golf or looking to give it a go, then do you know the difference between certain golf clubs? Why not get ready for the golfing season by understanding what you need to play with so you can easily get started?

Our Mytime Active Golf professionals explain common golf terms and meanings for different types of clubs:


  • Woods
    The most popular woods are 1, 3 and 5. 1 is the largest wood and is known as the “driver”; this club allows the ball to travel the farthest and to play from the tee on the par 4s and 5s. A 3-wood tends to be used without a tee and to play from the fairway. A 5-wood is the most commonly used out of the three, as this enables shots nearer the green or when you are playing from rough or longer grass.


  • Irons
    These clubs have small, blade-like heads and usually range from a 2 to 9-iron. The irons make up the majority of a set and are used for pitching and chipping. As a guide, the higher the iron number, the less distance the ball will travel – this is due to the angle or loft of the face of the club. For example, a 2, 3 and 4 are long irons, 5, 6, 7, 8 are mid-irons and from 9 to a sand wedge, are short irons.
  • Wedges
    Technically, wedges are a sub-set of irons and there are many types, including the sand wedge, gap wedge and pitching wedge. They have the same clubheads as irons but have more severe angles; they are the highest lofted golf clubs. Wedges are used for shorter shots, pitches and chips around into the green, and when you play out of a sand bunker.

For help on which clubs are right for you, simply talk to our golf experts based at our Golf Pro shops, who will be more than happy to give you advice.