Golfing Tips: How to Cope Under Pressure

When it comes to golf, your psychology is directly linked to your performance. In fact, you can learn to use the pressure to take your performance to a whole new level. Whatever your handicap, make it count by learning how to perform under pressure.

Here are five of our top tips to help you raise your game and keep your nerves under control:

  • Be prepared
    Before you hit the course, preparation is key. Arm yourself with new balls, clean clubs, tees, pitch-mark repairers, nutritious snacks, sunscreen, shoes and clothing.
  • Stick to your routine
    If you’re preparing for a match, then your routine should not change. Before a competition, don’t change anything you would normally do before a round. Many golfers go through an extensive warm-up, as well as getting to the course a couple of hours before to make sure everything is fine-tuned.
    Eat your same pre-round meal or breakfast and do the same warm up for putting, short game and long game. Every pre-round warm-up should feel the same no matter whether it’s a friendly game or the club championship.
  • Control your emotions and stay positive
    Try deep breathing techniques – hold your breath, count to four, release and repeat.
    Monitor any self-talk – if you want to maximise your performance on the golf course, logical and self-assured thinking is critical.
    Practise meditation when off the course – this will help you keep your focus when you’re on the course.
  • Find an anchor
    During a round, you need to have your “anchors”. This could be the trees or the sky or any place you can distract yourself from your performance and your game. There’s plenty of time to think about the game during your routine, so relaxing beforehand will make your play a lot more effective.
  • Trust your swing
    Never try to correct or consciously think about your swing while swinging. Learning to trust in your swing will give you the confidence to perform well on the course.

Whether you feel under pressure on the course or you’re preparing for a competition, a one-to-one golf session with one of our PGA Golf Professionals is a great way to alleviate any worries.