Golfing Tips: How to Manage the Course

Every golfer’s aim is to improve their game with consistent low scores. But perfecting your game on the golf course is not always about practising your swing. Golf course management will help you make smarter decisions, select safer targets and choose the right club for a certain shot.

Here are five tips to help you manage your way across the course:

  1. Prepare the night before by studying the course map
    Having a good golfing strategy will help you improve your game play. Make sure you are familiar with the course layout, so you are prepared for every hole. This is especially important if you have not played a particular course before.

  2. Start at the end working backwards on each hole
    Starting with the final one, decide on a realistic outcome for each hole. Depending on your handicap, create a plan that will get you through the course. Some golf experts suggest that below an 18 handicap, you should aim for a birdie putt on each hole. And, above an 18 handicap, you could aim for a par putt per hole.

  3. Think two shots ahead
    Try to think further than one shot at a time. Preparing for two shots in advance is a much better strategy, as it will help to reduce any undue risks and the chances of an errant shot. Think backwards and try to imagine the shot you would prefer to play next - this will help you set up the shot and choose the right club.

  4. Aim at an uphill putt, rather than a downhill putt
    When you play a short shot uphill towards a hole, this is usually much easier than playing downhill, as the ball can simply run away. Your margin of error will increase when playing uphill, so you will need to control your speed. Aim for targets below the hole to increase uphill opportunities.

  5. Avoid the Short Side
    The short side of the green is the closest location to the pin – or flagstick - on the day. Avoid chipping towards the the short side to make things easier. A good tactic used by professional golfers is to play away from the pin and aim towards the wider side of the green.


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