Golfing Tips: Mastering Match Play

In golf, there is an interesting difference between match play and stroke play. In stroke play, every shot counts, but in match play, there is much more of a level playing field. Unlike stroke play, you don’t have to wait a few holes before you start attacking pins. In fact, a more aggressive strategy could help to put pressure on your opponent.

The Mytime Active golf team have pulled together a simple guide to help you master your match play.

Preparation is key

Go to the range beforehand and hit some balls, so you have loosened up before the match. Don’t alter your pre-match routine in any way. Assess the course beforehand and create a game plan for each hole. Be prepared to change your strategy if it isn’t working, rather than sticking to a safe approach. You may need to play more aggressively than you had originally planned.

Adopt a Match Play mindset
When you’re on the course, stay firmly in the present moment; this will help you to achieve consistent low scores. Play the match hole by hole. Keep your focus on your current hole and don’t be distracted by your last hole – simply let it go and move on. In match play, it’s best to always expect the unexpected, so think and play smart. Don’t give up mid-round – have fun and stay patient.

Intimidate your opponent
Start your round by hitting a good first tee shot; this can often be a sign of what’s in store for the rest of the time on the course. If accuracy and distance off the tee are your main strengths, a great first tee shot will increase the pressure on your opponent, even if they have a higher handicap.

Wear your opponent out
Be consistent and your opponent will start to get frustrated, as they will feel pressured to play their best so they can compete with you. Whether this means hitting greens and fairways or avoiding double bogeys, don’t get ahead of yourself. Keep your focus on your current shot to keep the pressure on.

If you want to improve your match play, then why not book a one-to-one session with one of our PGA Golf Professionals?