How to help your kids stay active

Worried that your child’s not getting enough exercise? Maybe they prefer playing computer games or watching movies? If children are not naturally active, as they get older it can become increasingly difficult to get them to take part in regular physical activity.

On average, a child should get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Being active plays an important part when it comes to children’s health - it strengthens muscles and bones, helps to control weight, and reduces the risk of chronic illnesses, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

So, how can you motivate your kids to be active? Our Mytime Active fitness professionals work hard to create enjoyable activities designed for children and young people. Our team shares a few tips below:

Find an activity they enjoy

Obvious as it may sound, if they don’t enjoy the activity they won’t take part. There are hundreds of different fitness related activities for kids – from swimming to junior gym sessions and golf. Spend some quality time together and research local children's activities to see what catches their eye.

Figure out your child’s athletic ability

If your child lacks athletic ability, they may have been teased by other kids and will be easily discouraged. Find a lower intensity physical activity to encourage them to start being active. Some children have athletic ability but are easily put off in competitive environments. Gentle encouragement is needed here to manage their expectations and build up their confidence levels.

Find a friend who can take part with your child

Studies show that exercising with a friend increases motivation levels, and the same applies to children. Why not ask your child about their friends’ hobbies and activities? Encourage them to go along to a session with their friend “just to see what it’s like”.

At Mytime Active, we have a vast range of children’s activities available at our leisure centres and golf courses. Our Family and Junior membership options include swim, gym, golf and much more.