Mytime Active 20th Birthday - Member's stories

Alan, 75, and Dot, 71, from Bromley have been married for 47 years.  In their retirement, they are keen to keep as social and as active as possible. Here, they share their story of dancing and how it keeps them both feeling young and happy.

Dot, a former maternity care assistant, says: “We’ve always enjoyed ballroom dancing and we continue to attend ballroom classes and tea dances together.  However, as we retired from work, we had more time on our hands. We wanted an activity we could do together, locally, and line dancing with Mytime Active seemed perfect for us. 

“My husband is registered blind and we ideally wanted something that was close by and a safe environment for Alan. Since we’ve begun the lessons we’ve become huge fans and now dance with the Primetime group at the Pavilion Leisure Centre, the Spa at Beckenham and at Crofton Halls too.  We look forward to going to each and every session. It’s fantastic that Mytime Active organises so many classes all over the borough and on different days. We love it.”

Alan, a retired printer, explains: “We have a lovely circle of friends that we’ve met through dancing. The line dancing group is like a big family; it’s very sociable. The line dancing instructor, Karen, is fantastic.  She really explains the steps and direction of movement, so even me, who has impaired vision, can follow the routine. My blindness can make some exercise impossible, for example a racquet sport is not going to work for me, but line dancing with clear instructions and memorable routines is perfect.”

Dot says: “The line dancing sessions are very relaxed and informal, but we get through 15 routines in an hour.  It’s great to keep moving, and remembering the routines is excellent for our memories too.  What’s lovely about the Primetime activities is that everyone feels like they belong. The Primetime buddies are always there to meet you with a smile and have really taken Alan under their wing.  We have so much fun and laugh our heads off. 

“Since joining the group we socialise with a number of couples that we meet outside of the class.  We’ve been on trips with the line dancing group, visiting Eastbourne, and one time, Karen, the instructor, dressed up a a giant turkey for a Christmas dance!  Line dancing isn’t all yee-haw, the music is mainly modern pop.”

Alan says: “The people at Primetime are really good to us.  We are made to feel very much part of the community.  We will continue to go because we are one of the team.  Myself and Dot still love holidaying and spending time with our three grandchildren, and keeping fit and active helps us to keep up with them. We’d recommend Primetime to anyone.”

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