Mytime Active 20th Birthday - Member's stories

Ayesha, 37, has been attending MyClub since the summer of 2023. Here, Ayesha, who has autism learning disorders, as well as being epileptic, will talk about the positive impact attending MyClub has had on her overall wellbeing.

She says: “I was recommended MyClub by a friend, and when I gave up my job in a SEND school, I’d worked there for nearly 13 years, and when I left I really needed something structured to do. Alongside my volunteering roles in a cafe, attending MyClub provides me with a safe routine.  The range of activities are very broad, and I’m currently doing something every day with MyClub all over the Bromley area, including The Pavilion, Bromley Golf Centre and Walnuts Leisure Centre.”

Ayesha, became a keen skier as a youth after her brother first took up the sport, and she now regularly attends dry ski slopes. She is due to compete in the GB National Winter Games in Italy next year and has dreams of competing in the Special Olympics.  She says: “Attending MyClub’s wellbeing activities, including Zumba, circuit training, dance and multi sports, has helped me to get both fitter for my competitive skiing, and happier in my personal life.

“It’s lovely for me to meet new people, and I’ve made more friends here, sometimes going out for lunch or socialising together outside of MyClub too.  I have found somewhere I belong.  Previously, at other groups, I felt like I didn’t fit in, as my disabilities are not visible, so some people may not think I have challenges, but at MyClub everyone is made to feel welcome, including carers.  I fit in here. 

“As my special needs are mental rather than physical, I do like to help the Mytime team and support staff, and I’ve loved watching how other MyClub attendees grow in confidence after they start coming.  I really enjoy the Zumba sessions, it's such a giggle.  The instructor lets each one of us choose a special song that we all get to boogie and sing along with.

I’ve never known another special needs group to be so welcoming and friendly. I feel really at home at MyClub. Coming along gives me structure and routine, gets me out of the house, and provides me with the emotional and physical activities to keep me happy and motivated.  I would recommend MyClub to anyone living with special educational needs, as MyClub is for everyone!”


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