Mytime Active Stories - Danie

Danie, 74, has been a keen line dancer with Mytime Active’s Primetime programme since she retired in 2010.

Danie, who is originally from France, will share how her love of line dancing has brought her great joy since retiring and the comfort it gave her after her husband, Richard, sadly died in November 2022.

Danie says: “I’ve been living in England for over 50 years, and originally came here to learn English.  I met my husband here and the rest, as you say, is history.  Together we had two children and I worked at the French School in London.

“When I stopped working, I wanted an activity to broaden my social life and to keep me fit too, as when you first retire you can suddenly lose a whole social ecosystem and a routine to motivate you and give you structure.  I was fortunate to have discovered the line dancing, as it really has become my passion.

“I attend between 8-10 hours of line dancing classes a week across various locations, including the Pavilion, The Spa and Crofton Hall.  I sometimes participate in gentle fitness classes, such as Paracise and Dance Fit, too. 

“However, I just adore the line dancing and I’m so grateful to have found it. Together with Karen, the line dance teacher, and some of the other Primetime members, we have travelled to Eastbourne to dance!

“My husband, Richard, a former immigration officer, wasn’t keen on the dancing as he had other interests and hobbies, but for me it opened up my world.  I have made so many friends through the group, and this really came home to me when Richard died.

“To be honest, I don’t know how I would have coped with the loss of Richard without my Primetime friends. Our children and grandchildren live in France and I was completely alone. I genuinely believe the line dancers are like my British family.  The care and love given to me from my line dancing friends really made such a difference when learning to live with my grief.

Now that I am living alone it’s even more important that I have my Primetime routine.  It’s crucial to keep busy and to keep moving.  I live with arthritis and I’m a great believer that if I stop moving for the short term, I’ll stop moving for the long term, and I’m not ready for that!”

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