Mytime Active teams up with Morgan Stanley for Healthy Cities

Following research conducted for leading global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, Mytime Active will be among the partners working on the Healthy Cities programme from February 2015.

The initiative is designed to improve the health and wellbeing of children and families in the Poplar, Tower Hamlets community of East London, an area where obstacles to child welfare include poverty, overcrowding, and cultural and ethnic issues.

Healthy London aims to provide the whole family with better facilities and opportunities for health education, nutrition and play. The launch of the programme follows the successful implementation of the Healthy Cities programme across three cities in the US in 2014.

Dr Paul Sacher, Mytime Active Research Officer, told the Evening Standard:

"This is not a case of a big company sitting in an ivory tower and saying: this community needs X or Y and throwing money at it.

"This is strategic and thoughtful work done in detailed consultation with the community. Bottom up, rather than top down."

Watch a video from Morgan Stanley:

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