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Body Mass Index

Free, fun sessions to help children and their families get active and eat more healthily.

Mind, Exercise, Nutrition...Do it! (MEND) is an obesity prevention and treatment programme for children and young people.

Children and their families take part in group activities, discussions and workshop sessions to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

Mytime Active commissions Pre-School Learning Alliance to deliver MEND 2-4 programmes for children aged 2 to 4 years and their parents or carers. Ealing Council delivers the MEND 5-7 and MEND 7-13 programmes for children aged 5 to 7 and 7 to 13 years respectively, who are above the healthy weight.

The MEND 2-4 programme runs once a week for 1 hour 30 minutes, across a 10 week period. The MEND 5-7 programme runs once a week for 1 hour 45 minutes, across a 10 week period. The MEND 7-13 programme runs twice a week for 2 hours, across a 10 week period. All programmes are delivered within community venues across Ealing.

In addition, there are two specialist services for children and young people with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the 91st centile: Active Boost for 5- to 13-year-olds, and Teen Active Boost for 13- to 18-year-olds. 

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