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Introducing TARGET30, our brand new 30 minute gym floor group exercise programme. T30 incorporates multiple functional equipment, such as kettlebells, suspension straps, dumbbells, core bags and a variety of body weighted exercises. 

T30 aims to teach you the most effective ways to use the functional equipment available, while providing a challenging & rewarding workout for the whole body. Our instructors will be there to check form, give guidance, motivate and help you get through the session achieving the best results in the shortest time.

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Improve heart and lung function, burn calories and vaporise body fat.. The workout focus is on high intensity exercise, in equal bouts of work and rest intervals – of 20 seconds each. HIIT exercises incorporate both equipment and body weight exercises that elevate the heart rate and maximum calorific output.


To optimise explosive power output, and enhance athletic performance. The focus on short, but heavy and/or explosive movements and longer rest periods. High power output is also achieved by performing exercise movements explosively (with a heavy resistance where load is required). Body weight movements are performed at pace and with big range.


Build total body functional strength and muscular endurance, plus promote lean muscle. Strength is all about the “load effect” – Performance under pressure using moderate to heavy load, executing low to medium repetitions, and working to fatigue.

T30:MAX, T30:JUNIOR, T30:URBAN & T30:PRIMETIME – Coming Soon

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