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A salad

You will have probably heard people using the term “clean eating”, but what does this actually mean? Firstly, it does not imply that if you're not "eating clean," the food you are eating is dirty or unhygienic!

Friends playing golf together smiling.

We always encourage exercising with a friend. Not only will this help you to become active and healthier, but it will keep you motivated for the long term.

Children holding their breath underwater at a swimming pool

Worried that your child’s not getting enough exercise? Maybe they prefer playing computer games or watching movies? If children are not naturally active, as they get older it can become increasingly difficult to get them to take part in regular physical activity.

Man swimming front crawl

In the modern world, it can be hard to switch off and relax. Many of us are working longer hours and, with access to work emails on smart phones, a typical working day can often extend well into the evening.


We know it can be hard to eat well when you’re leading a busy lifestyle. Smoothies offer a simple and easy way for you to eat fruit and veg while you’re on the go.

One of our Me & My Baby Customers at The Spa at Beckenham is Ellie Reeves, Member of Parliament for Lewisham West and Penge.

Mytime Active appointed preferred provider of Bromley Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Service.

If you’ve ever attended a group exercise class, you’ll recognise that wonderful glow you feel afterwards. There are lots of benefits for taking part in group exercise sessions.

New guidelines from the UK Chief Medical Officers highlight the importance of strength training as part of physical activity for adults.