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Adult lady diving underwater in a swimming pool

Everyone can benefit from swimming, no matter what your age or ability. As well as being a good form of cardio exercise, there are various health benefits associated with swimming.

Man and woman laughing on a treadmill at the gym

What’s the Best Time of Day to Work Out?

When it comes to the best time of day to work out, there’s a lot of conflicting opinions out there.

Players following a buggy on a golf course

In golf, there is an interesting difference between match play and stroke play. In stroke play, every shot counts, but in match play, there is much more of a level playing field. Unlike stroke play, you don’t have to wait a few holes before you start attacking pins.

Man practicing putting on a putting green at a golf course

Most golfers will practise their putting skills, working on pace control and checking their strike and start line. When you first started to play, you may remember certain practise drills, such as the Path Drill to help you develop a consistent path.

Group of golfers teeing off

When it comes to golf, your psychology is directly linked to your performance. In fact, you can learn to use the pressure to take your performance to a whole new level. Whatever your handicap, make it count by learning how to perform under pressure.

Photo of Cobtree Manor Park Golf Course

A flop shot is sometimes called a ‘lob shot’, although it’s often shortened just to ‘flop’ or ‘lob’.

Man having a golf lesson

In golf, the stinger shot has a very low trajectory, and is useful when playing against a crosswind or a strong headwind. Usually played from a tee with either a long iron, hybrid club or fairway wood, this shot increases your chances of getting the ball onto the fairway.

Lady hitting a driver at a golf course

Are you lacking any sort of power off the tee or, perhaps you feel as though your shoulders and waist aren’t flexible enough to turn the way they used to when you were younger?

Man hitting a bunker shot on a golf course

Every golfer’s aim is to improve their game with consistent low scores. But perfecting your game on the golf course is not always about practising your swing.