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Power yoga is a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga, designed to enhance stamina, posture, flexibility as well as mental focus.

Often Power Yoga will have a focus on a specific part of the body or group of poses and will build up in a progressive sequence, from more basic poses to more advanced ones. One of the effects of Power Yoga on the body is that, because of the dynamic nature of the practice, the muscles warm up quickly. It also increases oxygen intake and the heart rate.

The instructor will also guide you to continue focusing on your breath and your mind, like more traditional yoga classes.

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Hot Yoga

Join us at our brand new Mind & Body Studio at The Spa at Beckenham, for our range of Hot Yoga classes.

Hot temperatures and high humidity make your muscles more pliable and make it easier for your muscles to stretch. This means you can increase your muscles range of motion and stretch deeper within each pose. To help your body manage the heat and therefore keep your skin cool, you will experience an increased heart rate compared to traditional Yoga. This means you get a good cardio workout while working on your flex.

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