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Body Mass Index

Free training from qualified Mytime Active professionals, including dietitians and physical activity specialists.

We train front line staff to identify people who are, or are at risk of becoming, overweight or obese. Staff learn to offer information in a sensitive manner and signpost to the appropriate services, ensuring clear and consistent information is given to children and parents.

The modules we offer can be delivered on their own or in combination, adapted, reduced or extended. Training can also be delivered where and when requested. Want your whole team or department to study a particular module? We can tailor our programme to the needs of your workforce.


  1. Obesity – the whole picture
  2. Raising the issue
  3. Nutritional guidelines
  4. Active health
  5. Health-related behaviour change
  6. Delivering physical activity
  7. Behaviour management

Ongoing training is being delivered across the borough.

For more information, call 020 3795 9346 or email

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